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View Diary: NRA's opposition to universal background check shows just how unreasonable it plans to be (227 comments)

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    mrblifil, Calamity Jean

    people should be using in the gun debate:

    "If you can't hit your intruder/attacker/etc with 10 shots, (or whatever clip amount they are debating) then your probably a lousy shot and a menace to society. Perhaps all gunowners should have to take a gun safety class before they are allowed to buy a gun". You can't just drive a car. You have to pass a test.  

    Take the gun debate, and their reason why people need them, and throw the ball deeper into the grass.... A mother is being attacked? Has she taken a safetly and gun class if she is so concerned about her safety and that of her chilcren?  Couldn't a stray bullet form an assualt weapon mow down her kid as well as the intruder? Change the topic from " the right to have a gun" to " the responsibilities that come with gun ownership"... and throw the idea that a gun safety class be part of any equation. If they fight that, they will loose more people. Whittle them down.

    •  All good (0+ / 0-)

      just be prepared to spend hours, weeks and months fending off myriad objections involving the term "shall not be infringed." If this were a rational political system, a rational country your proposals would make sense. Unfortunately rationality has nothing to do with it, as any murderer can walk heavily armed into a school, post office, MacDonald's, office building and create mayhem. And in response nobody in our political system is willing to do a damn thing to change that.

      That said I do think we are on an arc toward changing policy. But the change will be glacial and probably will track closely to the advances made against the tobacco industry, who fought proposed legislation involving regulating cigarettes just as hard as the NRA, probably harder.

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