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View Diary: John McCain to Chuck Hagel: Please tell me I was right about Iraq (142 comments)

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  •  I wouldn't say 'tool of the Tea Party...' (2+ / 0-)
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    Faito, Timothy J

    they and the neo-cons are worlds apart.  Practically completely different political parties.  The rank and file tea partiers really have no common ground with the neo-cons at all.  McCain is in the mold of the Kristols, the Wolfowitz's, the Boltons-- (i.e. heavy military spending, damn the [financial or human] cost).

    100% percent at odds with, say, the Rand/Ron Paul types.  You saw some of that in the GOP foreign policy debates, if you took some time to watch the (admittedly pretty entertaining) clown show...

    •  'Zactly-two completely different animals. Neocon (0+ / 0-)

      cynicism seems almost boundless, while the teaparty crowd at least seems to have honest beliefs.

      For this reason and others, I think Hagel easily clears the 60 vote threshold...

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