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  •  I'm laughing too hard to type..................... (none)
    I'd be a fool to try to top those.
    •  What's the matter? (4.00)
      Cat got your colmes?
      •  You know... (4.00)
        I think "rupert" (murdoch) would make a great adjective.

        "I thought he was nice at first, but he ended up being really rupert."

        •  Yeah, I dated a real rupert once. (4.00)
          I need to sleep on this.  
          I'm not as quick and clever as you are this, and I'd hate to sully such a fine run of wit with a salieri.
          •  I'm restraining myself... (4.00)
            I so much wanted to use the last name of a certain California governor, but it ... sounds too much like another word, one that is NO joking matter.

            If I did that, I'd be a real fucking dobson, wouldn't I?

            •  Go Cheney yourself is still (4.00)
              a classic

              AKA: Sister Holy Straight Razor of Discussion

              by TeresaInPa on Tue May 31, 2005 at 09:13:24 PM PDT

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              •  I once heard a variation of that... (4.00)
                "Go dick yourself."  And, yes, it was a derivative of our VP's name.

                I could do this all night.  I can't decide if it's a blessing or a curse.  I mean, there's a whole etymology of winger names that we could own.  They took "liberal" from us, but we can own their kings.

                Perle necklace.
                An inflamed schlafly.

                They don't all have to be negative.  We could turn "wellstone" into a symbolic noun.  "Barack Obama is the wellstone of our party" meaning some combination of heart, fountainhead, and cornerstone.  Neologismists (sic) rise up!

                (And if they don't like it, they can go suck a cornyn.)

                •  You're KILLING me (none)
                  OH, oh, I think I've done myself a mischief.
                •  I like you (4.00)
                  It's nice to have a conversation with an inteligent and thoughtful and CLEVER insulter.

                  You're a real Wellstone!

                  AKA: Sister Holy Straight Razor of Discussion

                  by TeresaInPa on Tue May 31, 2005 at 09:51:47 PM PDT

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                  •  Thank you. (4.00)
                    I'm sooooo not worthy of comparison with Wellstone.  But he is an awfully good aspirational model.

                    I wish we had a clutch of Democrats who could cut loose with a good insult now and then without sounding either bitter or defensive.  The Brits have us beat on that score.  Our folks are so busy trying to sound "presidential" and trying to bring "dignity to the office" that they forget that a lot of the folks around them are real twits who deserve to be treated accordingly.  Not debased, not dehumanized.. just taken down a notch.. shown, as it were, that they've got no clothes.

                    We've got so many clever people here, I'd love to see a kos speech-off: a speechwriting competition by non-professionals.  Get some new memes out there.  Test out some new models.

                    Now, I should end this comment, because it's going to be the width of a postage stamp with all the indenting that's going on.

                •  You can try, perhaps... (none)
                  "Go Richard yourself!"

                  The Shapeshifter's Blog -- Politics, Philosophy, and Madness!

                  by Shapeshifter on Tue May 31, 2005 at 11:33:47 PM PDT

                  [ Parent ]

          •  I'd give you a 5 for "sully" (none)
            in the same sentence as "salieri". And recommend you to B-list composer immortality.

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