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  •  Guts or balls (4.00)
    The stuff I hate is when analogies are drawn about genitals.  Like "grow a pair"

    I really hate that one too. "It takes balls." No it doesn't. What, only people with balls can be brave? "It takes guts" is a perfectly good expression and doesn't imply that guys have the monopoly on bravery and courage. Some people try to convert "balls" to "ovaries" which sounds awful to me, and also ultimately meaningless, but I guess at least they're trying. I'll take guts anyday! But not for supper (a bad experience with andouillettes as a child).

    As for the original diary, I totally agree. If the terms are so interchangeable, then why aren't people pricks and dicks? There's no implied weakness or "less than" in pricks and dicks, that's why.

    •  but people are (none)
      I don't think that last bit holds up -- you are perhaps unconsciously picking and choosing what you want to remember. You remember the part that bothers you, but don't remember the parts that don't.

      There are a lot of stupid pricks and huge dicks in the Bush administration. There are also assholes, cocksuckers, lunatics, retards, fucknuts, and more.

      And all the while the asshole is an important part of the body, cocksuckers are wonderful and giving people (I'm married to one), and lunatics and retards deserve sympathy and help. But okay, I'll admit I'm not entirely sure what a fucknut is. It may be like a dingleberry and not have any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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