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  •  But prick, dick and asshole are just fine? (none)
    Let me get this straight: you object to the words "pussies", "twats" and "bitches" because they explicitly or implicitly denigrate women.

    Okay, they probably wouldn't have much meaning if they didn't imply something negative about the association with something quintessentially female.

    But, at the same time, the indiscriminate use of all sorts of language that associates negative behaviour with specifically male traits is okay? And, please, don't try and tell me you haven't used the words "dick" or "prick" (at a minimum) to describe someone who behaves like... Dick Cheney. Pun intended, of course. (Actually, is it a pun if it's not a play on words, but the word itself?)

    I'm not defending the use of the words you abhor, by the way, because I also find their use offensive most of the time. But what is most offensive is that they pass for typical discourse, when in most cases there is a more effective and articulate formulation available. Killing language is a great way to kill the culture.

    So, I'd appreciate it if you'd update this diary to reflect that all sexism is bad, as well as all sloppy, lazy, inefficient and articulate language.

    "...there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Hamlet, Act II, Scene ii.

    by thingamabob on Wed Jun 01, 2005 at 07:45:59 AM PDT

    •  Well, to be fair... (none)
      she never said those were acceptable either.

      Sometimes the jokes write themselves. Sometimes they run for President.

      by Sixfortyfive on Wed Jun 01, 2005 at 07:53:24 AM PDT

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