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View Diary: The role of high-capacity magazines in mass murder (452 comments)

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  •  Eh, no good reason the magazine needs to get hot (3+ / 0-)

    if half-well designed, and there shouldn't be any stress placed on the magazine from the act of firing. I don't see any reason to expect a magazine to perform better or worse based on just the material.

    I'm not a gun person at all, but aren't big chunks of Glock pistols made of plastic?

    •  Barrels… (0+ / 0-)

      …are what need to be made of metal. The cartridge explodes inside the barrel thus propelling the bullet forward. That explosion will most likely warp, deform, or melt a plastic barrel. Thus giving you one shot. A Glock, while filled with plastic components, still has a steel barrel.

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