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View Diary: The role of high-capacity magazines in mass murder (452 comments)

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  •  Did you read the diary? (13+ / 0-)
    We examined the data from Mother Jones' continuing investigation into mass shootings and found that high-capacity magazines have been used in at least 31 of the 62 cases we analyzed. A half-dozen of these crimes occurred in the last two years alone.
    The great news is that you don't have to stop and reload! Isn't that awesome?
    •  And Mother Jones is going to be an unbiased (0+ / 0-)

      source of information on this subject?

      I am not saying get your information from the NRA, but at least pick something without such an obvious slant.

      •  Like (3+ / 0-)

        Gun's an Ammo or some other gun nut publication or survivalist rag? Of course Mother Jones has a slant and that slant is liberal. So what? In case you didn't notice this is a pretty liberal web site with a decided slant. Your saying you don't have any bias as you advocate your right to own a big fucking gun that can kill quick?  Of course you really have no source you just spread fear and declare the nothing can be done to take away your precious guns or your access to unlimited capacity to kill those invaders that just keep coming.  

      •  If you are going to assert a hypothesis from data (0+ / 0-)

        you are well served to use an unbiased and sufficiently large sample set.

        To use a small set, e.g. 31 of the 62 cases analyzed, and pick those from a source that is guaranteed to support your desired conclusion isn't a good way to prove a statistical point.  

        The conclusion may be correct, in which case it should be still hold using a larger sample set and different sources, including data from sources that would be considered unfriendly.

      •  No, I imagine they did do research (2+ / 0-)
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        Glen The Plumber, reflectionsv37

        on what they could. They know someone will ask them for their methodology.

        The real problem is no one knows shit, because The NRA has done a damn fine job suppressing all the data and funding for research . What the fuck are they afraid of? Why are they going to such great lengths to have legislators  de-fund any research into gun violence? You know what they say about cover-ups right?

        That is one very sore point with people who depend on facts and science to prove or disprove theory. The NRA is scared to death of that research. So are the Gun Manufacturers that send them millions because maybe if we could prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the people who manufacture guns are knowingly manufacturing products that are the proximate cause of unneeded death especially for those with low impulse control. Why there may be lawsuits n shit.

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