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    gffish, Stance Like Ptah

    Just because Jean Quan is Chinese doesn't mean she's a good Governor.  I'm sick and tired of hearing this crap that the Chinese coalition wants Quan as government.   I think they represent a special industry lobby that frankly thinks too much about power.  Oakland may be getting some new business thanks to Sungevity but it's overrall business climate SUCKS.  It needs a whole shake up like the SoMa of San Francisco has gotten a shake up.  If residents don't like it, well, too bad.  Oakland also needs more night life and restaurants and police that actually approach scenes more with humility.

    I mean, if Quan was Filipino, I still wouldn't vote for her.  I'm not a Oakland resident but I read stories about her all the time.  She's worse than Ron Dellums.  I mean, she's done absolutely NOTHING for the worst areas of Oakland like West Oakland.  Absolutely no regular business to resident outreach in disadvantaged areas.  And the Chinese are cheering Quan for being a Chinese Mayor.  Wooptie-freakin doo!

    And then this whole thing about Jean Quan cheering when she won election in 2010 and recognized that both she and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee are Chinese and it's very empowering to the Chinese community.  I love that this is happening myself but come on, let's get real.  Oakland needs a Mayor who actually does work.

    Maybe Ed Lee should move to Oakland and then start running for Mayor of the city after he's done with San Francisco.  He's done a very good job with SF.  Why doesn't Jean Quan?  Well, simply stated:  She has no outside the box thinking.

    Joe Tuman, if he ran again, would be a breath of fresh air.  He actually gives a damn whereas Quan is just another lame politician who, in the Democratic Party, will never see the light of day for a political future.

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