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  •  on the contrary (1+ / 0-)
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    he was quite meticulous, politically, at playing the state political media and electorate for fools while getting key policy passed or teed up. as just a sampling,

    1. he ran a coup in the UC system with dick blum (feinstein's husband) to privatize it, jack up the tuition, shift funds to profit-making centers and away from education, and launder the flood of resulting student loans and construction projects through allied banking donors.

    2. he delayed california HSR to the latest possible moment, within the law, which benefitted his energy interest backers.

    3. he vetoed marriage equality repeatedly, setting up prop 8 in an election year to benefit GOP turnout.

    4. he cut the vehicle license fee, blowing a huge hole in the budget which he leveraged for referendum after referendum of right wing shock therapy and anti-union measures (that few passed is testament to the energy the left and unions out into these battles, which diverted energy away from other fights in CA they might wave chosen).

    5. he cut a bunch of sweet deals with enron to reverse the moves davis was starting to approach that might have tried to get CA money back from that fraudulent clusterfuck ripoff.

    6. he worked with the GOP to run the annual budget hostage crisis negotiations, locking in tons of right wing corporate tax giveaways, which also blew new holes in the budget, enabling future crisis games.

    7. he vetoed single payer twice, depriving CA of affordable health care.

    8. he managed to get democrats and ostensibly liberal media sources to praise him for being a liberal, or at least a moderate, but a little thick-headed and inept. the man PWND CA dems, in a state where no republican ought to be able to win (and no republican may win again for some time).

    no mean feat. he was detailed as all hell, the dumb stuff was a shtick, to cover for his pete wilson-advised policies.

    •  Yeah, you're right (0+ / 0-)

      I think the bottom line is that, Ah-Nold has been around in entertainment but he lives too much in entertainment mentality.

      On the other hand, you have Al Franken, who has been affiliated with entertainment but he at least came from a pretty darn good educational background and has a high IQ.  He's also very intelligent, thoughtful and a damn good U.S. Senator.

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