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  •  so...I found out what happened last night at work (11+ / 0-)

    A customer found a gentleman collapsed on the ground and completely non-responsive in the parking lot outside the store.

    The Front End Manager (in charge of the cashiers and the returns counter) radioed if any of the employees knew CPR.  One of the part timers (who had spent 20+ years as a nurse, including a good chunk of time in the Mayo One helicopters) ran out to the parking lot and started going to town on the guy with chest compressions.  They wheeled him inside the store (it was hovering around zero outside at the time) and continued CPR while the Fire Department arrived (just a couple blocks down the street) and until the police and EMT's showed up with a defib kit.  

    This gentleman had no pulse for at least 20 minutes before they got him going again.  As of this afternoon, he was alive and in an ice tube to try to reduce the swelling to his brain caused by the stoppage of circulation.

    Everyone in our store is hoping and praying that he makes a full recovery with no lasting limitations.

    The Mayo Clinic has one or two pretty good doctors, so I don't doubt that he'll lack for care.  It's just how much brain damage occurred in that 20+ minutes....

    I got a t-shirt (-6.88, -6.15)

    by guyermo on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 07:12:31 PM PST

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