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View Diary: Wall Street is Doing it Again: The Looting of America Continues (128 comments)

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    Ray Pensador, CA wildwoman

    I'm 61
    I don't have a pot to piss in. I don't have the norm. I do have my happiness. I have some common sense. I'm very observant.
    I hoped there wouldn't be a recession. A couple years before the Great Republican Recession, it looked like domino s to me. I had a garage of junk I sold for less than I paid for it.
    The price of gas / my age experience saw minor recessions just from.
    Houses were selling for triple their worth
    People were putting their life savings into the stock market
    There can be a recession after a war
    The lower & poor classes had no wages, i.e. money to spend
    Union busting
    and NO anti trust of any kind
    I said to myself, "If there's a recession, I'm not going to get caught with an overloaded boat."
    The next part…
    They are doing to the new money wealthier, the same that they did to the housing. Invest in new commercial buildings, condos, hotels. The absurdity. Storefronts vacant for as far as the eye can see. Invest in ME, ME, ME.
    Who has that level of money & if you do don't be prissy stupid with it.
    To all you young tech's with money.
    What's so astonishing to me is how close, 2008, 2012, they got to pulling it off.
    The 1% wants it all, they're sick. THEY are at war with ALL of us, especially themselves.

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