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View Diary: Israeli Security Chief and Holocaust survivor compares Israel to Nazi Germany (173 comments)

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  •  Take your self righteous and despicable (7+ / 0-)

    comments away from me.

    Why don't you insult my entire ethnic background while you're at it?  Yeah, I know a thing or two about modern Jewish history.  Most of my relatives who didn't get out of Europe no longer exist because of it.

    You know damn well the point of that comment.  It is to illustrate the vileness of using a holocaust survivor to try to draw a false parallel between Israel and the Nazis.  It's just like saying 'well, a black/gay/native American guy/woman said it's ok, so whatever offensive comment follows has an automatic shield)

    It's unacceptable, and it is a cheap shot by the diarist to use it as a cover for their comments--no matter what Shalom may have said in the documentary.

    You know exactly what the comment means.

    •  then it is more disturbing that you chose the word (3+ / 0-)
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      poco, alain2112, WattleBreakfast

      "token" in your comment.

      you made the choice to use the word "token", not i.  i come from the south during the era of segregation, during the time of great racial division.  that word appears to have significant connotations for me in a different manner than it does for you.

      as to the substance of the diarist's post (which, btw, i disagree with the premise but see how he/she followed that line of thinking) - that does not change the offensive use of the word.

      i am deeply sorry about the loss of your family to the devastion brought on by the inhumanity of the nazis - without your clarifying your personal losses, your comment can be read in a very negative light - as i did and am sure others have as well.

      is it not better to enlarge the conversation and debate the merit (or, rather, lack of...) of the diary than use language that can produce reactions opposite of what you intend?

      You know exactly what the comment means.
      and, no, i don't know exactly what the comment means, that is why you got the reaction you did from me.

      i simply ask you this:  isn't it better to explain what you mean rather than using emotionally charged words that produce reactions opposite to your intended meaning?

      EdriesShop Is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?

      by edrie on Fri Feb 01, 2013 at 02:53:42 PM PST

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      •  after seeing the Jews = Nazis comparison (3+ / 0-)
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        volleyboy1, Hey338Too, livosh1

        dozens--and probably hundreds of times on this site, no, I am honestly fatigued of providing an academic explanation.

        wait...are you saying you objected to the term 'token' rather than this perceived 'mockery' of a holocaust survivor?  Because that I wouldn't have guessed at all.

        •  i objected to both. the use of the word "token" (2+ / 0-)
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          alain2112, WattleBreakfast

          it is used to denigrate anyone.

          second point:  i just spent days crying watching the pbs documentaries on the camps and those who died and those who survived.

          and while i am not jewish, i am fully aware of the horrors of that time - from the history of wwII with full illustrations of the destruction of that war, the opening of the camps and the pictures of the dead and dying - a book left deliberately where a young child could look and see and cry and question how ANY human being could do those things to another.

          i have close friends who survived by being sent away as small children never to see their families again - i have friends whose parents had those tattoos... so don't lecture me on my reaction to the use of your word.

          oddly enough, we are on the same damned side, yet we fight each other over a poor choice of words?  and while we do that, what happens is that the inhumane ones laugh and slip past us to continue the destruction without check.

          it's time for us to think - ALL of us - to pick which battles are worth fighting and then how to effectively fight those battles.

          as you are fatigued of providing an "academic" explanation, one that i have not seen here because i am not HERE 24/7, i am fatigued at the anger we direct among ourselves - when we should be channeling that anger where it really belongs - at injustice and bigotry and hatred.

          now, i'm off to the barn, so i'm not ignoring any response you might make until later tonite...

          peace - shalom - namaste

          EdriesShop Is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?

          by edrie on Fri Feb 01, 2013 at 03:31:59 PM PST

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