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View Diary: Israeli Security Chief and Holocaust survivor compares Israel to Nazi Germany (173 comments)

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  •  What you are saying is that we should censor (1+ / 0-)
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    criticism by Isael's security establishment because some idiots might see an equivalence.

    There is always going to be idiots.  You are just trying to make a lame case for censoring harsh criticism of Israel.

    •  you are putting words into my mouth (2+ / 0-)
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      bevenro, volleyboy1

      not cool

      don't care about harsh criticism, care about unfair stuff. Israel is fair game but Nazi and Holocaust affected more than Israelis  to be. It's complicated.

      There is a canard on the left that THE JOOOZ have too much power. I saw it in Occupy in Boston...repeatedly...and had to leave. Even Hagel said "the JEWISH lobby" not the Israel lobby (I'm ok with it if he mispoke). It is NOT the "JEWISH lobby". It is like saying "Muslims are extremists".

      70% or more of Jews are Dems.

      Israel Gov is right wing. Just like how our President Bush and his neocons STARTED AN UNJUST WAR in our name--the ISraeli Gov does lots of stuff that does not stand for all the people of Israel or Israel as a country on the whole, necessary, and especially not for all Jews in the world. I am only making a direct analogy.

      There are a ton of comparisons on the left of Israeli treatment of palistinians being like Nazi and the Holocaust. My Arabl aquaintances (they dont' know I'm Jewish) say it all of the time.

      So when we see a diary like this it just fans that flame. Or at least, I react with suspicion that it is meant too.

      I can't be sure but the diary can be construed as coming from a place as "see even an Israeli thinks Israel is like the Nazi's". As if to shore up SOME on the left's point of view. When actually the statement by the official though meant to be incendiary, carefully compares Nazi OCCUPATION of other countries with Israeli Occupation of Palestinian territory. HE does not compare the treatment of Jews by the Nazi to how the Israelis treat Palestinians. BUT there is a contigent on the left that does it, as do many Arabs. And it is not a fair comparison.

      Context matters. So does intent. ISraelis do not have a genocidal intent for Palestinians and usually try to avoid civilian causalites. Like US in Iraq, though, it just is not possible to fight that kind of war without killing civillians and disrupting their lives. Neither war-waging is justified but neither is comparing Israeli's to NAzi vis a vis genocidal treatement or intent (which is what is common on the left)

      I am no Israel apologists for her ACTIONS.

      •  one of my closest friends was complaining about (1+ / 0-)
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        the "jewish lobby' being annoying as hell yesterday.  I laughed and said she's right--they are.  She was referring to an AIPAC convention--She's hardly anti-Semitic (and I'll use the term myself sometimes) so I'll give it a pass--it's when people have an anti-Jewish agenda that really gets me.  Then there's the fact that the Israel lobby really contains a bunch of Christian Zionists, etc...but that's another issue altogether...

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