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View Diary: Israeli Security Chief and Holocaust survivor compares Israel to Nazi Germany (173 comments)

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  •  Israel can (and has been) criticized 6 ways (1+ / 0-)
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    'till Sunday  (including by me)

    in tens of thousands of comments on this site, and everywhere you look.  

    Many of these comments are effective, and tons of them offer valid criticism.

    The ones that offer the least validity to their criticism are the Nazi Germany ones.  Why?  Because the link between Israeli-occupied Gaza/WB and Nuremburg-era Germany is so impossibly weak, the only reason to invoke it is for politically ironic purposes.

    to wit:  'Isn't it ironic that the Jews are turning their own oppression around on another people!  One more step to the gas chambers and the transformation will be complete!'

    That is THE reason why certain commenters try to compare Israel to Nazi Germany.  Not to raise academic awareness-not to draw interesting parallels--no. It is to paint Israel as Nazis to score political points among the virulently anti-Israel left.  And it works.  Just note the number of recommendations that many such comments receive.

    And it's interesting (and noteworthy) that--as a shielf for these comments, most people wouldn't DARE to try to pull that stunt unless they  know they have a Jew--and--even better--a Jew who might have been victimized IN NAZI GERMANY ITSELF--to make that point.

    As a Jew who had my own relatives--many of them--murdered in Nazi-occupied Poland and Lithuania, (albeit before I was born), I find this political ploy to be particularly despicable.

    If a holocaust victim chooses to draw the parallel--as i've said before, that's their prerogative, although the historical connections are extremely weak (except that it's probably the first and most emotional thing that comes to mind).  But to invoke that sort of thing here to score political points is really quite disturbing.

    Hope that helps to explain my point of view.

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