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View Diary: I'll let Mike Royko speak for me on guns. (147 comments)

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    became the publishers, is basically the answer. There's no such thing as editors anymore. Editors serve the Sales Department who serve the Publisher, who serves top Advertisers. Papers, and media in general, don't have to prove big readership numbers in comparison with competitors, because of consolidation within markets. Instead of serving customers, news executives and advertisers had engineered a system which tells readers "where the fuck else you gonna go?"

    The notion of serving a subscriber base with highly valued content has become quaint and outmoded. Serving customers is viewed as a sucker's game. Consolidation changed the field from competition to one of collusion, with media in widely disparate areas all arriving at the same conclusions independently. Mike Royko would be a blogger today, or more likely would have set journalism aside in order to provide for a family.

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