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  •  The direct involvement of churches in politics (0+ / 0-)

    is a thing that is supposed to be illegal (or, more accurately its legal only if the church in question is willing to stop being a tax-free organization.  Staying out of politics is, on paper anyway, a pre-requisite of being granted that tax free status.).

    But as has been proved recently by several court cases on the matter that got stonewalled by judges who didn't want to hear the cases, that law isn't being enforced.  I suspect it's because nobody with an elected or appointed government position wants to be known as the person who went after a church.   When your job is elected by the public or appointed by someone who in turn is elected by the public, then you can be fired for doing your job correctly if what your job entails is unpopular.  (Which removing a church's tax exemption certainly would be.  All the other churches, even the ones ideologically opposed to the church in question, would still rally behind the church it happened to in order to try to stop setting the precedent that their activities could be subject to the same investigation too.)

    The real cause at the root of the rise of neo-conservatism is the rise of the megachurch.  Nowhere else is so efficient at indoctrinating LOTS of people at the same time en masse to believe that one is morally required to chose a particular preferred political view.

    And then add in the fact that the meme "have lots of kids and birth control is evil" is a very powerful one if you can pass it on to your children.   (After just a few generations like this you can "win" the argument at the polling booth through the exponential population growth of your faction.)

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