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View Diary: What you may not know about gun violence in Chicago (335 comments)

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  •  really, laws will make it all better? (2+ / 0-)
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    Wolf10, bnk

    Please read this article carefully. Notice the repeated mention of how strict the gun laws are in Chicago. Also notice the amount of gun crimes. With all the strict gun laws, Chicago has not seen a reduction in gun crime. Why?  BECAUSE LAWS DO NOT STOP CRIMINALS. Go ahead and pass more gun laws. Crime will increase. Why? BECAUSE POLICE DO NOT STOP CRIME, THEY RESPOND TO THE AFTERMATH. If laws work then why do we have so many illegal drugs, illegal immigrants, bank fraud, Wall Street fraud, banking and loan scandal, etc? I read about congress men, Mayors, Governors, POLICE, teachers, and preacher breaking laws every day. So If these people at the top of our society do not respect the laws they why would a criminal? Do you really think that if we took away ALL guns in this nation, ALL, even the police that we would solve gun violence? Look at japan, nationwide ban on guns, still gun violence and death. Hmmm. criminals are able to obtain grenades and rocket launchers and they have never been legal for the public sale (we used to have a guy come in to the factory where I work when I was 20, he had every military weapon that could fit in a trunk for sale and not available for sale to the public anywhere. He claimed they came from a private security company he worked for named BLACKWATER but who knows. All I know is he had them and gangsters bought them for pennies). Go ahead and pass more laws that prevent me from protecting myself from criminals. But what I really think is going on is not the concern for the people of this country but the protection of the government from the people. PS. If you really want gun violence to go down then hold people responsible for their actions, ALL the people that break the law. No exceptions for PRIEST, COMGRESS, POLICE or single mothers that are working so hard. NO EXCEPTION, YOU DO THE CRIME, YOU DO THE TIME. If the children see the leaders of this nation (police, priests, congress) break laws and not be held accountable, what do you think they will do. Children do not learn what we TEACH…they learn what we SHOW.

    •  That's why we should legalize rape (2+ / 0-)
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      cocinero, Recall

      I mean, criminals just ignore the shit right out of that law, right?  

      (yes I am being sarcastic)

      Japan has a dozen gun deaths a year in a population of 130 million.  If we had their rate, we'd have 30 a year.  Instead, we have 30,000.  Plus 70,000 wounded.  

      Get a grip on reality, then bring something productive to the debate, instead of the same old tired excuses.

      Conservatives need to realize that their Silent Moral Majority is neither silent, nor moral, nor a majority.

      by nominalize on Sun Feb 03, 2013 at 10:30:38 AM PST

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      •  Legalize rape? (0+ / 0-)

        Legalize rape? WOW way to play on emotions. If you are suggesting rape as analogy then I say pass more rape laws and see if reduces the numbers of rapes. If you are implying that I am for lax gun laws then you have made a huge jump from what I have indicated is the problem. ENFORCMENT AND ACCOUNABILITY from the top down (can you say “accidental discharge” Dick Chaney?). As for your Japan argument, you prove the point about gun laws being ineffective. Even with a country wide ban (with rare exception) criminals on an island country can still get them and still commit crime with them. Yakuza much?

        “Yakuza also satisfy the desire of would-be gun owners in Japan, where guns of all kinds are prohibited. Yakuza members themselves are the prime market for firearms, and they favor the sleekest automatic handguns from Europe and America, often trading drugs for weapons. The yakuza specialize in the production and sales of methamphetamine (given the frenetic pace and competitive atmosphere of Japanese society, speed is the national drug of choice) and the yakuza frequently use it to barter with Western arms suppliers.”

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