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    The 2nd Amendment is in place as a final stop against a tyrannical government.
    This deep paranoia about "government tyranny" runs rampant among the folks defending the Second Amendment here. And it is paranoid, bordering on the delusional. I don't think I've ever seen a  more frightened group of people afraid of some unseeable bogeyman.

    I wrote a diary the other day highlighting a few of the late, great Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko's columns on guns.

    In this one from 1980 he addresses the paranoid notion that the government is coming to take away all of our "freedoms and liberties" (read: guns):

    Many gun lovers say that if people can’t own guns, they are at the mercy of an oppressive government that might someday take over the country. Only the threat of being shot at by honest citizens keeps government from taking our liberties, they say. Maybe. But once again, how effective is a handgun against the kind of weapons the government can muster – planes, tanks.

    That’s why my organization (the National Association for the Legalization of Machineguns, Bazookas, Hand Grenades, Cannons, Land Mines and Anything Else That Goes Boom) wants the heavy stuff legalized for home use. See how many government inspectors and other bureaucrats would come snooping around if they thought they might step on a hidden land mine as they cross your lawn. And mines would also be effective against those rude people who let their dogs go on your grass.

    It’s that wonderful slogan – “Guns don’t kill; people kill” – that has always made me wonder why certain poisons, such as arsenic, aren’t sold over the counter in drug stores. After all, poisons don’t kill; people kill, right?

    And it’s that spirit that makes me wonder why so many people are concerned about the possible spread of nuclear weapons. I don’t see anything wrong with all kinds of little countries having their own nuclear arsenals.

    After all, “Nuclear bombs don’t kill; people kill.”

    Come to think of it, why can’t individual Americans have their own little nuclear arsenals.

    I’ll have to bring that up at the next meeting.

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