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View Diary: 2d Amendment My Ass: Scalia's Opinion Gives No Protection to Rapid Fire Guns or High Capacity Clips (57 comments)

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  •  Absurd question based on (7+ / 0-)

    a silly premise:

    Do you honestly believe that Bush/Cheney would have relinquished power if not for the 2nd Amendment?
    Yes, I do.

    Guns do not restrain the US Government.

    As an American, I reject treason and the use of violence against this nation.  

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    by TomP on Fri Feb 01, 2013 at 09:36:13 AM PST

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    •  When the fuck did "Second Amendment (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      DefendOurConstitution, kharma, TomP

      solutions" become other than RW memes on Daily Kos?  Sheesh.  And from a 600k UID.  Nah.  I don't find that curious!

      •  So let me get this straight (0+ / 0-)

        You (and three of your friends) are incriminating me because I mention that the US CONSTITUTION protects our freedoms? 



        Yes my UID is 600k+ ... I am new to Daily Kos. Obviously. And since you mention this... as a new member of your online community, are you seriously informing me that according to you (and the entire Daily Kos community) the US CONSTITUTION is a "RW meme"? 

        ... a right wing meme?????


        So, the US CONSTITUTION is not a respected document here? It is merely a right wing meme


        Interesting. Very interesting.

        Excuse me for asking, but....

        What nation are you from (no no no, don't bother answering, Mr. "Its the Supreme Court Stupid", Mr. "DefendOurConstitution", Mr. "Kharma", and Mr:"TomP" ........ that's merely a rhetorical question) because your choice to incriminate me for mentioning the US CONSTITUTION suggests to me that you are not from the United States of America..... at least, not from the same United States of America that I am from.

        (And I sure do hope you all see the supremely profound irony that DefendOurConstitution is incriminating me for DEFENDING OUR CONSTITUTION.... !!!!!!!!!)


        Btw, that was sarcasm, because I really would laugh, if it were not so profoundly sad.

        Now, I am sorry if this offends you all, but I am even inclined to ask:

        Have you ever heard of John Adams? George Washington? Thomas Jefferson? Benjamin Franklin? The American Revolution? The Decleration of Independence? Does this nation's history mean anything to you? Does it mean NOTHING to you?

        Apparently not..........

        Because you sure as heck sound like you ain't from the same country that I was born and raised in!

        QUESTION: Are you telling me (and are you telling the world) that the entire Daily Kos community does not hold the US CONSTITUTION as sacrosanct? 

        Are you? 

        Do you want to go on the record with that? 

        Do you? 

        Apparently so... and duly noted.

        Good to know.

        "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."
    •  I reject treason too. (0+ / 0-)

      Who said that I didn't?

      It is insulting for you to suggest or imply that I am.

      However, if Bush/Cheney had failed to transfer power to Obama, now THAT would have been treason. And THAT was my point, and you know it. So please refrain from insults of this nature.

      Now, you say that you do (believe that Bush/Cheney would have transferred power.)

      I don't believe you.

      I don't believe that you're being honest with yourself. I believe that you are blinded by your emotional reaction to the horrific events in Newtown. I believe that you will say whatever it takes to make yourself feel safe and soothe your emotional trauma, even if it means lying. Just as you are most certainly lying about what my words have implied. You loose credibility and respect, when you do this.

      But, be that as it may.  My point remains. I am not the fanatic "gun loving" audience that you are portraying as the ardent supporters of the 2A. Fact is, I have never owned a gun. But, I none-the-less support the 2 Amendment Constitutional Right, because I (sadly) think that it is necessary. You do not. I respect you and your opinion. I disagree with your opinion, but I respect it and I respect you. Please respect me and mine. Save your insulting tirades.

      FACT: The Founding Fathers of this nation fought a war against the ruling government, due to tyranny by their own government. As a result of that first hand experience of tyranny by their own government, the Founding Fathers enshrined the individual's right to bear arms, to safeguard the individual against tyranny by their own government. This is the historical context. This is an historical fact. This is our heritage.

      Everyone knows this.

      You know this.

      I know this.

      EVERYONE knows this.

      "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."

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