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  •  I am deliberately fat. (11+ / 0-)

    I have to work to maintain it, too, and it's not easy.

    I used to be thin, perhaps morbidly so. I wasn't sickly when I was thin (I still had a great immune system), but I broke bones easily, sprained joints easily.  I was always in a cast or a splint, and we joked that someday, I'd be wearing a full exoskeleton to protect my bones.

    Then I contracted cancer. I did get morbidly thin at that point.  My lowest weight was 45 pounds - as a 40 year old adult.  I decided I would never, ever be skinny again.

    So I researched diets. How few there are to gain proper, healthy weight - sports diets are not appropriate for non-sports people, and that was virtually all I could find. Sports "bulking" diets are not healthy for people who merely want a nice protective layer of healthy fat and weight.

    So I coupled exercise with a larger, healthy diet - no fake foods, no artificial ingredients.  Real sugar, real butter, fresh foods.  

    It took a couple of years to do it right, but I'm now at a comfortable, healthy, large size.  Except for the time I slipped on the ice and broke my hand (my hands and feet never did develop a nice protective layer, they are dreadfully thin and fragile), I haven't broken any bones, had any sprains.  My blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars, flexibility, endurance, lung capacity, and strength are all good.

    I don't want to lose weight, and I deeply resent anyone who tries to tell me how to lose weight, who thinks I should lose weight, who tells me what sort of exercise I should be doing to lose weight, who tells me I'm fat because I have the wrong diet, and their pet diet will work for me.

    I do not ever want to be thin again.


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    by Noddy on Fri Feb 01, 2013 at 10:18:02 AM PST

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