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View Diary: Glenn Beck on 'female Eskimo Hispanic dwarf cross-dressers' in combat (192 comments)

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    Another douchebag with zero credibility to talk about the weather, let alone the armed forces.   I served with a few cross dressers, and a TON of LGBT folks in the armed services. And every one of them would be my choice of a person to cover my back in combat before Glen Beck, or any random dozen or so of the "synthetic Uber Patriots" that populate the modern Republican party.  Indeed with a guy like Beck, he would be more likely to be shot (Fragged) by his own buddies than shot by the enemy.

    Yes, it seems the truth does have a Liberal bias, So does reality it seems. And the Republicans will never change that, because they believe money makes reality, and they are allergic to the truth.

    by Nebraskablue on Sun Feb 03, 2013 at 08:26:44 AM PST

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