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  •  Nope (0+ / 0-)

    as long as there are no decimal points, 99.6% is the same as 100%.

    If it was 100.0% then you're good to 99.96%

    If it was 100.00%, then it would be 99.996%

    ...and so on

    •  Or it could be (0+ / 0-)

      as low as 51 or as high as 149 . .. .   based on this example from the definitive internet significant digits page:

      Zeroes at the end of a number are significant only if they are behind a decimal point as in (c). Otherwise, it is impossible to tell if they are significant. For example, in the number 8200, it is not clear if the zeroes are significant or not. The number of significant digits in 8200 is at least two, but could be three or four.
      So, what they'e basically saying is the 8200 could have only 2 significant digits, meaning the real value could range anywheres from 8150.000001 (there should be more zeroes in there, I suppose to 8249.99999...  

      extrapolating the present example, 100% could mean anything from an eyelash over 50% to and smidgeon below 150% - so it could essentially be 50% orange juice and 50% cyanide and still meet the technical labeling requirements.   This type of parsing is what makes people somewhat cynical after long enough (believe me, it took me * decades * to get like this!)

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