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  •  We would all have to carry a loaded gun, in our (4+ / 0-)

    hands at all times for it to be an effective defense weapon.

    woman, walking to her car at night, bad guy hits her in the back of the head, gun in her purse, what use is it?

    now if she walks to her car, gun drawn, it is a defense weapon
    is this what we all want?
    All of us with guns drawn at all times? because that is the only way to have access to your gun when you need it

    •  Ironic post coming from your screen name (0+ / 0-)

      Just wondering what happened to make you so happy.

      Then again, I like the article of clothing on my wife, so I'm hoping she doesn't do whatever you might have done...

      All grinning, no malice implied.

    •  Don't carry it in your purse,... (0+ / 0-)

      ...instead carry it in your jacket or pants in a pocket holster. Or, even, just carry it in a purse with an easily accessible built in holster.

      Do you always have an open line to 911 on your mobile phone? After all, that's the only way to protect yourself (well, at least get your body picked up before it's too stiff).

      Do police officers always carry their guns in their hands? If not, why do they bother to carry them at all?

      Do criminals always carry their weapons out in the open - of course not so why do they carry them at all? In fact, some just show the victim the outline or otherwise lead their victims to believe they actually have a gun in their pocket and generally that's enough to get the victim to comply. Similarly, the hint that a victim has a firearm will deter most criminals (those that don't use that strategy will have short careers).

      Your assertion is just ridiculous frankly.

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