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  •  Just as... (0+ / 0-) (or someone) has to pay for their internet access in order to exercise your free speech rights here on DK. But, the government can not require you to pay them or to be licensed to post here.

    Rights are things people are allowed to exercise - not things that the government must provide people the means to exercise.

    Simplistically, a right is not something the government owes you, it is something they can't interfere with. Government involvement is not required to exercise a right -- if the Federal Government shut down tomorrow, you wouldn't lose a single right. A right can be exercised on an isolated desert island with no government and with you as the only occupant.

    (This, by the way, is why I find the term "right to healthcare" so bizarre. Such a term merely means that each person has the right to pursue, or not pursue, whatever healthcare they choose to [ignoring that the FDA interferes with this all the time!] -- not that someone else must provide the resources to act on that decision.)

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