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View Diary: Indian Child Removal: Racism, "Perverse Financial Incentives," and Willful Violation of the ICWA (156 comments)

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  •  Late but thanks for this diary (2+ / 0-)
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    navajo, Eric Nelson

    I hope the LPLP and DK will continue to get the word out - like you did Aji, in this excellent diary.  The good ol' boy network in SD was especially loathsome in this case.

    Taking children under flimsy pretext is one thing; a foster parent raping children under their care is unconscionable; but having the state sue the whistle blowers who are trying to help the children is just unimaginable, except in a corrupt system that has everything to gain by maintaining the status quo no matter how many children and families are sacrificed in the process.  A process with financial incentives of course.  And a state government with a history of ignoring inconvenient federal directives - a rogue state as you described it above.

    I'll be glad to support this however I can.  Thanks for the links and all the information in the comment thread too.

    Never separate the life you live from the words you speak - Paul Wellstone

    by meralda on Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 09:52:23 PM PST

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