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  •  Feminism kills (2+ / 0-)
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    shanikka, OldDragon

    Given all the feminism fear, I would like to recommend a Gail Collins articles from last week.

    In terms of getting laid, I have often see two camps of men.  Those that just want to jack off into some women vagina, and those who want to, not necessarily make love, but at least try to make something a little more meaningful than masturbation.  Those who count i tend to think are the former group.

    I have also thought about all these poor suburban, no exbur, women who are left home all alone all day with their little kids, no defense except for ar-15 strapped to their sides while watching reality tv.  I imagine that if I were a criminal, and wanted to rob such a house, instead of the empty house next door, it might behoove me to shoot first to compensate for the possibility of a armed women.  After all, if I am a crazed criminal, and stupid for robbing an occupied house, killing someone would not be such a stretch.  And if rape is on the mind of such a person, raping an injured women may not be so bad.

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