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  •  In my life I've started many different projects... (3+ / 0-)
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    There have been mainly business projects.  Some of them have been successful, and some of them not.  But one thing I've always seen is that in any enterprise the most important thing is to take the first step, and then see what happens after that.

    Once action is taken on something, usually that generates certain dynamics that are unforeseen, and then you make adjustments accordingly.

    I've presented many business seminars and the one thing I always noticed with people who have not taken entrepreneurial risks the recurrent theme is fear to take the first step.

    They put an extraordinary amount of time thinking about the business plan, and about having enough capital, and about competition, and about the risk of losing money.

    Some think in terms of "jobs."  I do everything I can to emphasize in no uncertain terms that if you take on an entrepreneurial project, to start your own business, almost everything you've known thus far when it comes to work will not longer apply.

    You would have to jump into it with all your energy, all your time, all your resources; you will work harder than you ever thought possible.  There will be nothing at all to ensure you will be successful; I tell them that there are projects and businesses with the backing of millions of dollars, and they still fail.

    This stuff is like that... My experience has been that no matter the idea one may propose, someone will come up with a downside, with a reason why it may not work.

    I understand that... The thing with me is that I'm never, ever afraid of failing; actually that's the wrong term because I see every step, everything I do, as a journey, always moving forward...

    I just wanted to share that perspective...

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