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View Diary: Bill Maher exposes right-wing pundits as really just being con artists (174 comments)

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  •  Trip Report: Seeing Bill in Baton Rouge (15+ / 0-)

    Last Sunday night my son and I traveled to Baton Rouge to see Bill Maher at the River Center Theater, partly sponsored by the Louisiana Dem Party.  Upon walking up to the venue, we could hear shouting, but didn't know what was going on until we arrived in front of the theater. Seems some church group was loudly protesting the event and yelling at people who were going in to the show. They held large signs, saying that Bill was anti-God, blasphemous, and that, of course, sinners would burn in hell. Small children ran everywhere, handing out leaflets proclaiming that, in effect, God hated us. Well, being good liberals, a much larger crowed of Bill Maher fans gathered in front of the church crowd and began yelling back to them. Police and TV cameras magically appeared. Our crowd was laughing, pointing and filming the church crowd...which seemed to incite them more. By the time we finally went into the lobby, all the attendees were laughing, chatting with everyone else and having a good ole time. We talked to many people we did not know, and would not have ordinarily talked with....nothing like a little heckling to make people bond. After being keyed up from the confrontation outside, when Bill Maher finally came out on stage, he received a roar of approval that could probably be heard in Chicago! The place was sold out, and loudly, loudly appreciative of all of Bill's observations. When he mentioned our hated governor, Bobby Jindal, the roar of NOOOOO was the 2nd loudest sound from the theater that night. Bill was a little squishy on gun control, and a little squishy in his praise of Chris Christie, but all his other views were approved by myself, heh. Being Baton Rouge, a few redneck hecklers had sneaked into the show, but the audience soon shouted them down. My binoculars showed that Bill looks exactly like he does on TV, imagine that. A really great evening of togetherness with like minds...that we don't get often in the Deep South....Thanks, Bill!

    This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top....Lula

    by anninla on Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 08:12:47 AM PST

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