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View Diary: Bill Maher exposes right-wing pundits as really just being con artists (174 comments)

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  •  There you go again... (5+ / 0-)
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    sunbro, WB Reeves, Lujane, Ice Blue, revsue
    We're never going to get rid of religion, but damn, can't we make religious people just a wee bit smarter and more critical in their thinking? Why does faith tend to mean stupid and blind faith in the US? It's dangerous.
    You appear to only be listening to the loud, right-wing "religious people." Those who only openly acknowledge and practice that part of the faith that supports their bigoted conclusions. Nice...

    Can we try, please try, to avoid stereotyping? Don't those of of us on the left need all of the friends (I mean true friends, ideologically) we can get?

    "We will find fulfillment not in the goods that we have, but in the good we can do for each other." ~ RFK

    by paz3 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 09:14:47 AM PST

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    •  I thought it was obvious (3+ / 0-)

      that I was referring to those types. If we all had to spell out the obviously implied qualifications in each comment, we'd have to hire staffs.

      "Liberty without virtue would be no blessing to us" - Benjamin Rush, 1777

      by kovie on Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 10:56:30 AM PST

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      •  I call them pseudo-Christians (2+ / 0-)
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        Jim Domenico, doinaheckuvanutjob

        Not complicated, and then it is easy for me to contrast them with real Christians like the Nuns on the Bus or the American Friends Service Committee, and many others.

        Sometimes I have to be more specific about the Mammonites, the Dominionists, the Armageddonists, the Bibliolaters, and so on, of course.

        Gerrymandra delenda est

        by Mokurai on Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 11:56:52 AM PST

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        •  I think that's a stretch (0+ / 0-)

          Since there is no universal way of judging who's a "real" Christian--thus the vast number of denominations (which aren't all in the US, wingnuts!).

          More like simple Christian vs. enlightened Christian.

          "Liberty without virtue would be no blessing to us" - Benjamin Rush, 1777

          by kovie on Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 12:15:11 PM PST

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      •  I need a staff too... I thought your comment was (0+ / 0-)

        clean of any stereotyping, in fact it was implicit in wishing for intelligent religion.

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