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  •  Yes, as a newcomer, I'm curious about topics too (9+ / 0-)

    and conventions in general at BYS

    (I've been really sick this past week so reading is as much as I've been up for, forget about writing, in any case ... hack, cough....)

    Here are the general guidelines I've gathered since I started reading, late last summer  (which may or may not be accurate):

    The Daily Bucket is the core of BYS
    BYS is about what's in our backyards
    There are some regular features, like J&M's Thursday spot, the weekly butterfly roundup, the yardbird race

    Things I'm a little vague about:
    How extensive the topics in TDB should be: perhaps that might be loosely defined by number of photos, since most diaries are a mix of photos and narration?

    Does Backyard mean our literal backyard, or things we have experienced personally whether near or far? I've thought about writing on tropical marine environments I've dived in, or wilderness travel destinations, but is that Backyard?

    The description of BYS, and the intro DB box, is primarily about phenology. The diaries are a lot more wide ranging than that, eg sciency stuff, environmental policy, pretty things, all of which I have enjoyed tremendously. Has the focus shifted...has it always been a broad view?


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