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    I literally just found out about this "news story" 10 mins ago, via Americablog:

    I reported yesterday on the media, including the Washington Post fact-checker, who was particularly enthralled with this issue, up in arms over President Obama’s contention that there is skeet shooting “all the time” up at Camp David.

    The media demanded a photo – let’s call it, “long form” evidence – lest the most important man in the world be lying about shooting small clay disks.

    So the White House released one, see below.  And what do you know?  The President is shooting skeet.

    As an aside, the Washington Post’s fact-checker was particularly bitchy, going so far as to publish photos of the President and Vice President holding squirt guns, in a clear effort to mock and embarrass them.  Hardly an appropriate move for an independent fact-checker.

    My jaw is still on the floor after reading how the "liberal media" have conducted themselves over this. And apparently, they're not done making asses of themselves just yet. Pathetic.

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