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View Diary: BREAKING: Black Man Brandishes Firearm (352 comments)

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  •  Very scary photo!!! (0+ / 0-)

    Is he training for the day he leads the black helicopter raids on our guns.

    I used to think it would be drones, but this proves it will be a full-on frontal assault. He doesn't look like he's gonna bother taking prisoners.

    Oh the humanity!!!!!!

    Git your women-folk and rugs rats geared up. The UN thugs will probably take you out in the initial strike. We know from that Bin-laden movie they got silent helicopters now, so you can't even hear them coming.

    I wonder if the north Koreans will sell us personal defense nukes?

    Here's my take on it - the revolution will not be blogged, it has to be slogged. - Deoliver47

    by OIL GUY on Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 02:09:48 PM PST

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