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View Diary: White House releases picture of Obama shooting a gun. Let the conspiracy theories begin. (300 comments)

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  •  I've seen this movie. Only it was a birth (5+ / 0-)
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    certificate.  My goodness.  Why feed the trolls?  These are some of the same people who think Newtown or 12/14 was a government hoax.  I can hear it now:

    We don't know when this picture was taken.  Isn't it odd that he wasted years to produce a fake birth certificate but days to produce this fake photo?  Yeah a photo is easier to fake.  Well, if he's "skeet shooting" he's pointing in the wrong direction.  My aren't liberals scary holding a gun?  Maybe we should pass a law so only real 'Mericans can have a gun.  Wait a minute that's not him.  It's his look-a-like!  Morgan ...Morgan Freeman.  Why can't we see his face?  Where's the video?  Who was there so we can bring them in for a House hearing?  If a president lies about using guns we should impeach him.

    Did I cover everything? Seriously, is this what it takes to be elected in America?  You have to hold a gun maybe even shoot it?  I would like to refer everyone to Jon Stewart's poem They Hate You.

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