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  •  There's (6+ / 0-)

    some correlation between inflammatory disease and arterial build up. We've talked about autoimmune stuff before, I have AS, there's a fair chance it contributed. I don;t know if your disability might contribute to something like this down the road -- you're very young. But stay on top of that. Keep the symptoms controlled. And people like us can enjoy a sweet or salty treat now and then, we just can't fill up on them all the time.

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      It's been recommended that once I hit 45 or so, to start checking my heart and arteries regularly, and be prepared to gradually ease back from my bachelor-chow diet.  StarWing willing, by then I'll have a job and salary that matches my degree level and be able to afford a decent diet again.

      But enough about me.  I am sincerely glad that you made it through okay.  You did far better a job of tracking your symptoms and getting the medical care you needed then my father.  He had almost a year's warning that a massive heart attack was imminent, but he refused to acknowledge he was sick or get any of the care he needed.

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