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View Diary: WITNESS: The Brutal Asymmetry of the Israeli Occupation as Soldiers Pepper Spray Seated Villagers (180 comments)

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  •  But an attack on Israel is not "genocide" (2+ / 0-)
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    elwior, Anorish

    despite people proclaiming that it would be on "the homeland of the Jewish people."  The attack would be to "liberate" the confiscated property of thousands of people who had it taken from them.

    It would be an attack on the last European established colony, that refused to acknowledge the rights of the people who were there when they established the colony.  

    If the UN had "given" the same space in the former Palestine to Kurds, and they had acted in the same way, would Arabs trying to liberate "Kurdistan" be committing "genocide?"

    Genocide is routinely described as the systematic murder of a race or ethnicity.  Racial and ethnic (and even religious) discrimination in the modern world is abhorrent.  And yet that is what is  being advocated every day by most of the supporters of Israel.  

    They propose that an entire state should be created based on a "special race" of people.

    The bankruptcy of that idea itself is what is dogging Israel.   It is apartheid.

    •  When you kill a LOT of civs from one culture, (3+ / 0-)
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      volleyboy1, VClib, Captain C

      it's genocide.  Doesn't matter why you do it.  People are liberated.  Land is not.  Land is just dirt.  I did not say 'an attack' on Israel would be genocide.  I said a genocidal invasion.  Israel has a population of 8 million.  When you talk about liberating land, you're talking about removing 8 million people from a small piece of land through a military campaign.  Where's the evacuation going to be to?  How's it going to be carried out in the time (about a day?) it'd take to roll over the country once its military is crippled?  The logical result, especially in this region, is a lot of dead children.  Mothers fathers.  People born there just trying to live their lives.  That's genocide.  If you give even half a shit about people, about human life, you don't go for a solution built on revenge.  Land can't be liberated.  Only people can be liberated.  What you SHOULD care about is the political empowerment and the economic protection and compensation of the area's non-Jewish residents, Muslims, Christians, Bedowin, Zoroastrian....I could go on.  And yes, if they were Kurds, and you went in and killed all the kurds to 'liberate' the land, that'd be genocide.  It was genocide when the Indonesians killed a million communists and leftists in the mid sixties.  Genocide's got a pretty simple definition.  I think it's pretty disgusting to think about an orgy of death and think "liberty".

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