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View Diary: Glenn Greenwald and His Repulsive Hypocrisy (190 comments)

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  •  I disagree... (6+ / 0-)

    ...GG's writing is predictable and too much of his own ego spills into his writing. I get a strong impression that much of what he chooses to write about serves as branding for his column. He ALWAYS is the sharp critic. He ALWAYS will be the one to say the emperor has no clothes, and if he needs to wait until the Emperor is taking a freakin bath, that's when he'll say it, and frame it as if it's the same thing as walking around naked in public.

    After Bush, he found something to take issue with Obama and that's now his subject. He chooses to feed the Obama is no better meme, which only works if you isolate issues where, sadly, O is no better or even worse. Fine. Hit O about the drones. it is valid. Certainly better than mindlessly giving the president the benefit of the doubt (GG lives and to respect that)

    I would trust his judgement a bit more if he didn't fall into the "only true patriot is the dissident" line of thinking and flog the America is bad horse for a paper based in an historically bloodthirsty former empire, on a continent whose colonial projects and baggage America regrettably took on after WW2. That context is missing from what I've read of his work. And certainly I have not yet seen a column from him recently that did not in some way isolate American foreign policy from the context of other governments in the world and what they contribute, for better or for worse, to what is happening on the planet. Human beings are flawed.
    All of us. That should inform any critic. I get anger, but not much compassion or humor from his writing. Outrage without wit is just difficult to digest for me.

    Maybe I just think his valid points are too important to be allowed to get stale.

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