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View Diary: Kosability special edition, My Husband, My best Friend, my Caretaker Died Suddenly without warning (226 comments)

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  •  Please don't give up - life is always precious (15+ / 0-)

    and your husband wouldn't want you to feel so alone.  Do you have any religious affiliations?  Jewish and Catholic local organizations often have really good social-service outreach groups.  If you don't have close friends, you can make some.  Not sure where you are, but in the Boston area the MBTA provides a transportation service called The Ride - its headquarters are in the building where I work - maybe other places have something like that.  I ride in the elevator every day with folks in wheelchairs and their caregivers, and always try to make sure they feel welcome.
    I'm sure you have more to give the world.  My mother was delivering meals on wheels at 85, until two weeks before she passed away.  Even in a wheelchair there are charitable activities you can get involved in.  

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