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View Diary: Kosability special edition, My Husband, My best Friend, my Caretaker Died Suddenly without warning (226 comments)

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  •  Sorry car is needed, but Amazon is UPS (9+ / 0-)

    And UPS will deliver. Yes, you have to buy large packs of many - but not all - things, but over $25 shipping is free. And maybe there are things in cans, like sardines, tuna, chicken, soup, that you'd like to have around so you know there is always something you can eat. And the UPS guy will bring to your door.

    And they even have toothpaste and soap. It's a fall back for toiletries, cleaning products, and staples. And will be much, much cheaper than the delivery pharmacy.

    Also, many of the online vitamin/health products sites have food departments. Like this one which have cereals, soups, dried products, peanut butter. You only have to buy one of each product. Also can be brought to you by UPS.

    Probably one of the NYC agencies will be able to set up shoppers for you and none of this will be necessary. But they're fallback options. A way you have as an ultimate fallback you can handle by yourself as you get stronger.

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