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View Diary: Kosability special edition, My Husband, My best Friend, my Caretaker Died Suddenly without warning (226 comments)

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  •  two types of needs (8+ / 0-)

    1. physical and financial -- getting your meds, getting groceries, getting a steady income.
    2. emotional -- recovering from a huge shock and not falling into depression and hopelessness.

    In my experience, the second is more debilitating, especially for those of us who live alone. And it keeps a person from having the energy to deal with #1.

    So my top priority for you would be people-contact -- support groups, anything. Is there a senior center where you could go during the day? a support group for recent widows, maybe at the hospital? some sort of transportation to get you there? Getting the wheelchair replaced is a #1 type of issue, but would give you mobility and help with a social life.

    It may be hard to believe right now, but your life will go on -- and you will find other people with whom you can share your joys and passions. Maybe not another partner like the one you lost, but friends.

    Keep checking in -- don't just stew alone.

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