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    So perceived risk is enough of a justification for a system of gun ownership that statistically is almost 30 times more likely to result in suicide, accidents, assaults, and murder, but perceived benefit is not enough of a justification to outlaw personal ownership of assault weapons?  And the only reason stated for opposing this law is that assault weapons are rarely used in violent crime?  When they are, the result is catastrophic.  

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      It is an inalienable right.

      Laws that seek to limit those inalienable rights do need lots of justification.

      Gun violence in this country is done with handguns and some shotguns and some rifles.

      99% of guns in the home are not assault rifles. They need no justification.

      I stand by my statement.  A law that purports to be needed to stop gun violence that does not address the weapons that are responsible for 99.4% of gun violence is a bad law.

      And let's be clear here.  I am not against the limit on magazine size, stricter registration and closing gun show loopholes.  Those are all good things and will go much further in curbing gun violence than a silly ban on assault weapons.. especially one with as many exemptions as some of these proposed laws have.

      Some say, if it stops even one death it is worth it.  No.  It is not.  Billions of dollars and a whole new bureaucracy to save a handful of lives per year is not worth it.

      If that were the case we should be banning swimming pools and home chemicals that kill children in homes by and order of magnitude more than firearms. (and several orders more than assault weapons)

      We need common sense laws.. and gun safety eduction.. maybe make a home gun safety course mandatory.  But bans on guns that kill a handful of people per year is stupid.

      Selected Causes of Death, Ages 0-19, per 100,000 Population (2007)    
          Cause           Number of Deaths     Mortality Rate    
                Natural           36,272    
                Perinatal Conditions       14,570
                Congenital Anomalies        6,896    
                Neoplasms                   2,302         
                Respiratory Disease         1,442        
                Circulatory Disease         1,666
                Nervous System Disease      1,609     
                SIDS                        2,453    
          Unintentional Injury             11,560     
                Motor Vehicle               6,683     
                Drowning                    1,056
                Fire/Burn                     544    
                Poisoning                     972         
                Suffocation/Strangulation   1,263
                Firearm                       138    
          Homicide                          3,345         
                Firearm                     2,186     
          Suicide                           1,665     
                Firearm                       683     
                Suffocation/Strangulation     739
                Poisoning                     133

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