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    Thank you for posting!  One minor quibble regarding the Beringia crossing and animals on both sides involves the tyrannosaur and continental drift.  At the time of the t-rex, I don't believe the continents were in their current position.  If I'm not mistaken, the land masses moved to their current positions long after the dinosaurs, and in particular, the t-rex, had disappeared.

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      and, yes, there has been some talk given what you say about T Rex. Yet we find this character in our own stockpile of dino bones, say, in and around Vernal, Utah, or throughout parts of New Mexico. But, of course, you are most correct about the placement of tectonic plates during the Mesozoic, the time of the dinosaurs. Let's see. . .Pangea forms around 300 ma, give or take, and sometime around 240 ma the supercontinent comes apart again. The plates have continued in a global pattern ever since, though I have to say I am not sure what the configuration of Laurentia's fragment was at the time, particularly where modern day Siberia closes on North America. I'll have to do some research on this matter, for it's never crossed my mind before, until now. So, thanks for the 'quibble,' because it's a darn good one. But, again, we have an excess of dinos on the North American continent, particularly here in the Southwest. They had to get here during the pluvial and warming times, which of course the global climate was tepid and muggy for millions of years. I think T Rex did make it here, albeit he or she's more commonly found in parts of Europe, and in some cases, China, if memory serves. I'll catch you on the email and we can continue this interesting discussion later, ApacheTrout. Again, thank you for such a very challenging commentary. Yeah for the DKos community and keeping me on my toes. Or something.

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