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View Diary: BACKFIRE: How the GOP Screwed Themselves by Blocking Susan Rice (198 comments)

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  •  Tisei already said no thank you, so he's out (5+ / 0-)

    Bill Weld seems to have no interest either, which doesn't surprise me, as he's a fairly ridiculous choice too. He hasn't held elected office in nearly two decades, spent a long time in New York and, as you said, ran for governor there and furthermore, is considered an arch RINO by the GOP base (remember the booing he got at the RNC in 1992?).

    After Weld, the next option they're floating is Kerry Healy, Mitt's ex Lt. Guv, but (a) she was slaughtered by Deval Patrick in 2006, (b) she ran a terrible campaign that year with allegations of racial demogogery and (c) she's joined at the hip to Mitt, who is about as popular in MA as herpes. So she's a no-go. After that, their choices are in Some Dude territory.

    Hell, some are even floating Ann Romney or one of Mitt's spawn to run. That shows you how bad off the MA GOP is. They have no bench to speak of.

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