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  •  I like your insight (7+ / 0-)

    I hope this diary changes the conversation a bit on gun ownership, and why it might be a choice someone makes. Even if it is a very scary looking black gun.

    I don't know which lie to believe anymore.

    by Captain Janeway on Sun Feb 03, 2013 at 12:44:36 PM PST

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    •  Oh good Jeebus. So obviously the media IS (3+ / 0-)
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      FG, Sharon Wraight, wilderness voice

      covering up the bands of looters who roamed the streets of New Jersey and other affected areas, raping and robbing and pillaging.

      Look at actual disasters.

      From what I read, Katrina was a nightmare for many reasons, some unique to New Orleans.

      People on the East Coast knew FOR DAYS this was coming. You are suggesting there should have been a run on guns instead of filling up their bathtubs and doing laundry?

      Flooding of the Red River of the North a few years ago? People helped each other, and that's a rural area with a fuckton of guns. I don't recall hearing of any massacres.

      Rodney King riots? California has enough guns, see how much they helped in the riots.

      If someone wants to live in a defensive mode, go file a claim in Alaska. While I do believe neighbors will be helpful in a pinch, you will have plenty of opportunity to take care of yourself.

      *There are two sides to every horseshit.* Kos

      by glorificus on Sun Feb 03, 2013 at 02:56:18 PM PST

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      •  Strawmen, flippant answers (3+ / 0-)
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        gerrilea, Tom Seaview, theatre goon

        Yep, passes the glorificus litmus test.

        I never claimed there were bands of looters. Strawman.

        I am suggesting you have every tool in your toolbox you can.

        I never said natural disasters cause massacres. Another strawman.

        Flippant answer on the riots. Not worth my time.

        You can live however you want. Myself, I will stand up on my own two feet for long as I can.

        I don't know which lie to believe anymore.

        by Captain Janeway on Mon Feb 04, 2013 at 07:57:23 AM PST

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