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  •  Yeah, I think he is running too (1+ / 0-)
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    He said there is a 99% chance he is running.

    Just seems like an awkward roll out.

    Beyond money(which is certainly important), I dont see Christie's support helping Winslow much in MA.

    Do you think anyone else will run on GOP side? Gabriel Gomez? Or the national party will pretty much lineup behind Winslow?

    •  Gomez is a nut (3+ / 0-)

      That said, he is more useful to some in the party precisely because he cannot win. Scott Brown winning was arguably one of the worst things that ever happened to the firm of Kaufman & Hacks since it undermined Charlie Baker's position. If Winslow were to win 46% and Brown were, as appears likely, to bow out of the 2014 Governor's race, Winslow would be the frontrunner instead of Baker/Weld. Therefore Ron Kaufman and some of the Romney people are swirling around Gomez.

      Gomez was behind the ads attacking Obama for personalizing the Bin Ladin raid this summer.

      Ironically, Gomez supported Obama in 2008, before setting up a superpac to run those ads as well as ones calling Obama a socialist.

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