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  •  History is full… (6+ / 0-)

    …of monarchs who were "not allowed to inherit the throne", some successful, some not. See "The '15" and "The '45" as examples of the latter. The Tudor line is direct by blood—they are unquestionably genetic descendants of Edward III. And while Katherine Swynford was, at one time, technically a mistress, she and John did eventually marry.

    The same thing that would have kept Clarence's daughter (senior to the Lancaster line) from the throne and theoretically thwarting Henry IV, is what kept Margaret Beaufort from it. England was not yet ready to support a female monarch. If it had been, we'd have seen Queen Matilda (the Empress) >two hundred years earlier, instead of Stephen, and avoided that whole anarchy "when the angels slept" before Henry II (her son) took his turn. Instead, they had to wait for Mary, decades later.

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