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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: Will Skocpol's 'cap-and-dividend' idea be a win for climate activists? (115 comments)

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  •  Yes, of course, but... (2+ / 0-)
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    JeffW, SolarMom

    The right way is to send money to EVERYONE.  Have a master list of citizens, divide all income equally and send everybody a check.

    Right wingers will love it because they get money, they can use the list to make sure illegal immigrants can't get jobs and also to keep track of all those double dipping welfare cheats.

    Unfortunately, right wingers will hate it because of guns, poor people and black helicopters.

    Sooo, all that could be done (even in theory) would be some kind of income tax break.

    Thank you for playing, better luck next time.

    Do what Jesus would do if he were rich.

    by jestbill on Sun Feb 03, 2013 at 08:51:25 PM PST

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    •  Couple things ... (0+ / 0-)

      1. "The right thing" would be to mainly use the resources, collectively, to ameliorate climate change -- and do so with environmental and economic justice core to the investments/policy.

      2. "The right thing" would recognize that most of the damage is being done to the future -- dividends pay people, today, and enable them to up their consumption.

      3. "The right thing" w/in a dividend program would have some sort of set aside for minors to have this become available as money post age 18 for school and other society enriching individual investments.

      My Global Warming Impact Fee (sigh, seven years ago here at DKos) thinking originally had no direct dividend, but I soon switch to partial dividend:

      first off, roughly half the revenue should go directly to every citizen (resident in the United States) on an equal basis.  (With, perhaps, minors money going half to their guardians and the other half into a Energy Bond program where they could withdraw the money, 20% per year, starting at age 18.)  Thus, if you pollute less than 50% of the average American, you would actually earn money. As one tends to have a larger carbon footprint the higher ones income, this would also provide a path for somewhat balancing economic disparities in the nation. Finally, this would provide a path toward guaranteeing political and social support by putting money back into people’s pockets.
      However, Mike has 'boots on the ground' and he may be right that "dividend" has incredible power w/individuals, perhaps enough to overwhelm Tea-Hadist lunacy.

      Blogging regularly at Get Energy Smart NOW! for a sustainable energy future.

      by A Siegel on Mon Feb 04, 2013 at 04:51:54 AM PST

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