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  •  I'm trying to be realistic (2+ / 0-)
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    lyvwyr101, nota bene

    If someone could snap their fingers and correct this problem, I would love it.

    I'm curious where you get the idea that "no one cares about the hundreds dying in the minority and poor ghetto." Of course I care. That's why I've been interested in gun control since I saw the news reports in 1968 about the murder of MLK and RFK.

    And your comment about momentum is exactly what I was referring to: build momentum toward an improved firearm policy by doing what is possible now.

    Please...humor me here and make it obvious: point out my hypocrisy once again?

    •  Selective 'Social Justice' .. (1+ / 0-)
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      .... depending on how hard the fight is. This one is winnable - the time is now. The gun nuts know that the assault weapon bullsh!t is just that - simply a way to get on the slippery slope to total disarmament. Instead of tiptoeing around the issue with poorly executed sleight-of-hand and 50-100 year gameplans, the progressive movement should be putting the name and face of every person killed by a handgun every single day. Keep the pressure on day after day after day. The president should take whatever executive action he can to slow the import and production of arms and ammunition, while simultaneously showing the People the faces of the killed and maimed from handgun violence.

      Why are progressives so scared of ending the handgun madness ???

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