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  •  True (6+ / 0-)

    and if he had some paralysis or nerve damage, he would not have use of the arm, and it would have less musculature than the other.

    So it would look 'withered'. But the bones might be perfectly normal.

    I would suspect that a very detailed analysis would show some difference though, in the bone density and perhaps joints.

    •  Unlikely (15+ / 0-)

      The muscular development affects the underlying bones. Heavy work builds particular muscles depending on the nature of the work and the bone where the muscles attach are similarly built up.

      Forensic examination can, for example, determine whether the bones of those who died in Pompeii were those of slaves or owners simply from these sorts of development and how robust the skeltons are. Archers can be identified by the larger bones on the arm that draws the bow back and it's possible to deduce the specialism of ancient Greek athletes this way.

      A "withered" arm would have far less robust development, even more significantly different that the arms of modern tennis players who also display the differential growth on their predominant racket arm.

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