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View Diary: Noam Chomsky: Why It's "Legal" When the U.S. Does It (17 comments)

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  •  Chomsky needs a translator. (4+ / 0-)

    Every point he makes is worth its weight in gold, but his points are too fast and too furious, and end up having no impact.  

    Passive resistance in Iraq?  Half a million people in the streets? How would anyone even know about that without a massive program of research? It is extraordinarily difficult to find any information about what happened in Iraq after the initial attack: the deaths, the migrations, the feuds that surfaced, the solidarities that surfaced, the voices, the economic predation by outside capitalists, the continue forces of micro-destabilization.  This stuff has all been hidden in a morass of disinformation.  Chomsky could help untangle that, but he doesn't.  He just goes for the jugular every time -- in his books, but especially in his interviews.  

    I which Chomsky would slow down a bit, and allow his points to be presented so that people can chew them over a bit and let them sink in.  His one-sentence-covers-all style of hit-and-run commentary undermines the content therein.  It looks like baseless cherry-picking.  

    I'm convinced that the reason why mainstream media won't touch Chomsky is only secondarily because he bucks the common understandings; primarily it is because he fails to take the efforts necessary, detail by detail, to bring his viewers and readers up to his own speed.  

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