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View Diary: Republicans fearmonger over the Paycheck Fairness Act to hide the real agenda (33 comments)

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      workers, both men and women, and other ways we are grouped, to really know their rights.

      I once read an article about the supposed inability of women to negotiate higher salaries.  The trite explanation is that men get paid more, in part, simply because they ask for more money, and negotiate harder.

      The article about diversity in hiring, included two quotes which are still noteworthy, so many years later, IIRC.

      Paraphrasing (and with memories caveats).

      One man admitted, off the record, that when he wants to stack the candidate pool with women, he will advertise a salary range that overlaps with the lower half of the market rate and has a median BELOW the low end of the market range, and a maximum LESS THAN the median of the market rate. He was proud of that trick for dissuading male candidates from even applying.

      The other quote was even more revealing. The manager said that if he found a woman candidate who was well qualified and COULD negotiate compensation as well as a man, he WOULD NOT hire her, because he wouldn't like her personality.

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